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Wrapping it up in style

December 23, 2011

Need some gift-wrap ideas fast?

These suggestions from Penny’s Day Book are perfect. And earth-friendly. And they probably do not require you to make a trip to the Big-Box drug store at 11pm in your slippers.

The photo is from

Pretty paper & tags that don’t cost the earth.

December 21, 2011

091002wrapOkay, so you’re not like my husband who wraps gifts in the comics section of the paper.

You want pretty. You want “real” gift tags.

But they cost the earth. Sure, okay, you can get them at the dollar store. But how much Read the rest of this entry »

You don’t have ordinary friends, so why buy ordinary presents?

December 13, 2011

Your friends are inventive, imaginative, fun-loving and perhaps even a teeny bit frivolous.

They’re anything but BORING, right?

So why would you go to a chain store and buy them a BORING holiday gift, when you could explore your local consignment, thrift, or resale shops for something as unique as they are. Here’s some examples from across the continent (please bear in mind that these wonderful items are in all likelihood gone to a new owner… but remember too, that resale shops get new merchandise in all the time, so there’s a treasure or three just waiting for you.)

Holiday dressing with flair, resale-style!

For your arty friend. From Village Vogue in CT. Click to go to their live link at

Why buy fake when you can buy real, at resale?

For your girly, but never sweet, sister? This Gucci's from Mosh Posh in Florida

Out of the ordinary is run of the mill in thrift shops!

Remember when he played Dungeons & Dragons nonstop? This beauy's from Treasures of the Heart, the NAM nonprofit thrifts in Texas. Click to get their link.

Boots made for everything... maybe even walking. Get them resale!

Would you dare these for your mom... or your ballet teacher? These were at Threads in MN.

Unusual jewelry? Where else but at a consignment, resale, or thrift shop?

Who gets this? Maybe YOU? From Selective Seconds in Indiana. Click for the link to their shop.

For those with original tastes, it's resale all the way!

Resalers sell things with tags still on them, too... but who cares, with these incredible bags at FiFi's in SC. Click to get the link to their site

Unusual cuts, colors, fabrics and combinations of all of the above, in resale!

No ordinary jacket for your fashionable niece. The one's from Revente in SC.

Hey, you buy cars used, right? You're already a smart resale shopper!

How about an electric car... for your pint-size friend, from Repeat Street in IL. Click for the link to them

The Perfect Hostess Gift this Holiday Season

December 3, 2011

Whether or not you do the hostess-gift thing throughout the year (and if you’re coming to my house, why yes thank you), the holidays just seem to call for a little something.

Here’s how to make a little something into a bigger one:

Bring something yummie to eat on a dish picked out especially for your hostess.

First, choose one (or more) of the recipes from The Picker Who Perished, a TGtbT Consignment Shop Mystery. The recipes are here.

Use a recycled plate for those hostess goodiesThen, with all the time you’ve saved by using one of Wendy Sam’s simple recipes, hustle over to your favorite consignment, resale, or thrift shop, and pick up a serving plate. It might be holiday-themed, or it might complement your hostess’s decor, or it might be a giggle (“Razorbacks” plate, anyone?)

That way, once the goodies have all been nibbled, the hostess gets to keep… or re-gift… the platter.

The Arkansas plate was one of Style Gallery’s offerings on Etsy.

Non-cook on your gift list? Everyone eats…

November 28, 2011

Just add water… the sweetest words any non-cook could hear. When you have some non-cooks on your gift list, how about something that will be truly welcome in their kitchen.

Home-concocted food mixes range from Read the rest of this entry »

Easy to do: A gift-unwrapping seat!

November 13, 2011

christmas stool1Step 1: Find a sturdy stool in a consignment, resale, or thrift shop.

Find a shape and a height you like. Don’t worry about the color. Just make sure it’s sturdy. Buy it and take it home. If you find several, buy ’em all. This is gonna be FUN!

Step 2: Make it your own.

christmasstoolPaint it. Gild it. Decoupage it. Sticker it. Feel like you don’t have enough imagination or talent? Then simply Read the rest of this entry »

Planning out your holiday shopping

November 6, 2011

Now’s the ideal time to scout out the consignment, resale and thrift shops in 090928your area. Not only is the traffic still bearable, and the resale treasures still in good supply (grab those cashmere gloves when you see them or they’ll be gone!) but you can plan ahead for holiday gift-shopping and develop your own “Holiday Treasures Map” for use in the coming weeks.

And keep Read the rest of this entry »