A tradition we’ll be very happy to see the end of.

091005 dont get mauledIt’s SO old-fashioned to get mauled at the mall.

Noise, traffic jams, and worst of all, the same old same old gifts.

Enjoy your holiday shopping, relax, find just the perfect present and save time, gas, and money when you explore your local consignment, resale, and thrifts shops.

Retro illustration from http://tjs-labs.com/


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    Kitty Says:

    This Saturday is the perfect time to visit your local resale store. It’s Small Business Saturday and a great day to get out to support your small businesses instead of feeding the big business machines. Avoid the sameness of the big box stores and explore your individuality of your community.

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      Kate, gently-used good elf Says:

      Thanks, Kitty.
      Why, in the time it would take a holiday shopper to navigate the traffic jams at the mall or big-box store, find a parking spot, traipse through the crowds, select a gift, push the shopping cart through all the other shoppers, stand in a line at the cashier, and repeat all that in reverse to get home and collapse?
      She could have leisurely browsed several consignment, resale, or thrift shops, found more-thoughtful gifts, contributed to her neighbors’ welfare by keeping the money local… AND saved money.
      I can’t imagine why ANYone would think “going to the mall” is festive.

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