Non-cook on your gift list? Everyone eats…

Just add water… the sweetest words any non-cook could hear. When you have some non-cooks on your gift list, how about something that will be truly welcome in their kitchen.

Home-concocted food mixes range from sweet (Cocoa Mocha Mix in a Jar) to savory (Mexican Seasoning Mix) and you can find a recipe to suit everyone on the web. And you don’t have to be a gourmet cook either to create these treats.

These wonderful gifts are especially nice if you include something small090920mug with the food mix: colorful napkins, a cheerful spatula or spoon, or maybe the perfect fun mug (less than a dollar, usually, at most any thrift shop!) Come to think of it, the perfect jar or tin is probably waiting for you there, too!

Start your search for the perfect mix at And make some extra for spur-of-the-moment gifting…as well as your own family pantry!

These “gifts in a jar” may need a bit more done to them than just adding water, but you can bet your recipients will feel the love and care you put into preparing the perfect present. Who needs the mall, when you have your kitchen!

Photo courtesy of The Jewish Collection.

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