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Give a child the ultimate gift: Your attention

November 26, 2011

There's nothing a child wants more than time with youWhich option do you think just about any child on your holiday gift list like:

  • Another plastic toy made in China that they’ll play with for 20 minutes and forget (imagine the earth’s resources…not to mention yours…that brought that “toy” all the way just to bore your beloved child, nephew, granddaughter…)
  • Or an hour and an activity with you that makes a memory they carry for the rest of their lives?

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How to keep kids happy while the turkey’s in the oven

November 23, 2011

Kids can be poets tooIt’s a fact of life that kids get bored… especially on Thanksgiving, when they’re thrown Read the rest of this entry »

A tradition we’ll be very happy to see the end of.

November 20, 2011

091005 dont get mauledIt’s SO old-fashioned to get mauled at the mall.

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Let the kids help MAKE the holidays

November 17, 2011

So many families feel their children are audience members at the holidays, rather than participants. xmaspostcardsolo

But there’s nothing so memorable, and so just-plain-fun, as participating in the preparations and plans for the big day. Don’t deprive your child of the opportunity to learn to give, as well as receive, in this season.

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Every tradition starts sometime.

November 14, 2011

The nicest thing about the holiday season isn’t the parties and the gifts or even the chance to finally dress up.xmasvintage gift cert

The real joy is in traditions. Traditions link us to personal and family history. Traditions make us look forward to a season of looking back. The best thing about traditions is that they don’t cost a lot and that anyone…yes, you, in the year 2011…. can start, uphold, or re-fresh them.

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