The perfect gift for someone who thinks used is icky.

Got a person on your gift list who would be HORRIFIED at the thought of a present from a consignment, resale, or thrift shop? Well, we have the perfect recycled, gently-used, previously-loved item(s) for them.

A snowman kit! That’s right, a snowman kit.Create a Snowman Kit from a thrift, resale, or consignment shop.

After all, what is a snowman but a recycled-snow man? You take those flakes that fell from the sky and you re-purpose them into an amusing snowman, woman, child…

And that creature needs clothes and props, so those should, logically, be recycled as well.

Gather up, courtesy of your local thrift store, What The Well-Dressed SnowPerson will be wearing this winter.

Traditional garb: a top cat or fedora, striped muffler, bright mittens to dangle on the ends of his stick-arms. Add a pipe if you’re not afraid of political-correctness and prefer the original version of a snowman.

Edgy: Bright beret, loads and loads of Mardi Gras beads, a belt in a shocking color, maybe even a boa?

This even becomes a family gift: Pop gets the old man accessories, Ma the Desperate-Housewives bling, kids accessories that suit their interests (who says a snow-kid can’t have earphones and skateboard?)…and the family gets to spend time together one snowy afternoon thanks to your present-giving expertise!

My fav: Collect up a tropical shirt, lei, sunglasses and straw hat for the person whose “big gift” is plane tickets to somewhere warm!

Make this super-special: Tuck into your gift bag of goodies, a certificate good for “one hour’s playing in the snow” or, if you dare: “I’ll shovel the drive, you build the snowman” gift card.


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    Very cute post! Happy holidays, Kate.

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