Have an Eco- & Budget-Friendly Holiday this year!

The holidays are a time for joy and celebration, not worrying about the waste you’re creating on the planet and the wreck it might make of your family budget. We’ll explore, together, 50 ways to have a festive and waste-free holiday, brought to you courtesy of HowToConsign.com and its resale shop sponsors.

Whether today is actually 50 days until December 25, or some day s before Hanukkah, doesn’t really matter. Enjoy the 50 posts here. We’re into the best types of holidays:

relaxed, easy, and not necessarily following the “rules.”

After all, no matter which holiday you and yours celebrate or when, it’s your holiday, and you can do it any way you want!

We’ve included these categories (access them directly through the links on our sidebar<<<<)::

  • Celebrate! Recipes and Party Ideas
  • Decorations, indoors and out…and of course, decorating ourselves and our families! (Let’s hear it for those corny holiday sweaters!)
  • For Kids…or the kid in you. Or even some kid you may not know.
  • Gift Ideas: Meaningful presents for all those you love. No more prepackaged, specially-designed-to-get-your-money manufactured ideas!
  • And Spread the Cheer…ways to make the holidays a little brighter and more festive wherever you are.

Enjoy 50 Days & 50 Ways to have a Merry Recycled Holiday, and remember: Shop Resale. The best Professional Resalers have listed their businesses on our Resale Shop Directory, and you can actually find their shops on our Zoomable Map!

With love and good cheer from

Kate Holmes of HowToConsign.com and all the Professional Resalers who welcome you to their consignment, resale, and thrift stores across the continent

Keep the light in Christmas from HowToConsign.com


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