Take one ugly thrift, resale, or consignment sweater…

You know that ghastly sweater on your consignment or resale shop’s back-room charity rack? Those $1 sweaters cluttering up your NFP charity thrift shop’s racks?

Turn them into something wonderful. This scarf made from reclaimed sweater sleeves got me started. Once I got started I couldn’t stop.

What a terrific project that’s a heck of a lot more fun than wandering through a mall. Or by suggesting one of these ideas to a relative… you might be solving Mom’s what-to-get-for-the-in-law dilemma.

This collection of ideas was originally published in the resale shopkeeper blog, AuntieKate.


  1. 1
    Karen C Says:

    Wonderful round up of ideas! Thanks. Have taken one felting class, now am looking at more projects. The gift tag idea is ingenious.

  2. 2
    Tanya Says:

    Seriously…. : ) So Fun All of it… Thanks for the list of GREAT LINKS… I had to Share Merry Christmas!!

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