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The day after Christmas

December 26, 2011

So you got a new phone or camera or other electronic goodie from Santa, and you need to

pass the old one on.

Do it now.

Pass it on: recycle, resell, rejoice!Don’t put your old gadget away until it’s outmoded and obsolete. Let someone else get the joy of using it. (Same applies to wardrobe items, you fashionista you! It only gets less desirable in your closet. Even kids’ stuff and home decor items become dated faster than you think. Pass it on now!)

Here’s some ideas:

Pass it on. A friend, neighbor, neighbor’s kid? Relative or co-worker? Try posting a note at work or your community center, or visit if no one comes to mind. My old kayak is now part of the Girl Scouts’ fleet.

Donate it. Of course, the obvious choice is your favorite non-profit charity’s thrift store, where they turn donated goods into support for their cause. But don’t overlook other charities. Would a senior living center or elementary school be able to use your old computer? Verizon offers used phones to domestic violence victims. Got a new recliner? The old one can be turned into cash for your church’s food pantry, turned into job training via Goodwill’s stores, or a bed and warm meals when the Salvation Army sells it.

Resell it. If there’s not a specialty-electronic resale shop in your area, try an online buyer like Gazelle , NextWorth or My Bone Yard. Sell the jeans that have been supplanted by new ones to a buy-outright shop, or consign last year’s favorite toys to make room for the new favorites.

Recycle it. Dispose of items thoughtfully. If you’re unsure how to trash something, call your local government. More than likely, they have a web site or brochure telling you how to do your part to keep the world green and safe.

Would you like to see how your neighborhood professional resaler decides where to donate unsaleable goods? Take a peek behind the scenes at’s Pass it On page.


“Quick, some stocking stuffers!”

December 9, 2011

I’m gonna break with tradition here, and suggest that you stock up on “new” stocking stuffers at this Read the rest of this entry »

Let the kids help MAKE the holidays

November 17, 2011

So many families feel their children are audience members at the holidays, rather than participants. xmaspostcardsolo

But there’s nothing so memorable, and so just-plain-fun, as participating in the preparations and plans for the big day. Don’t deprive your child of the opportunity to learn to give, as well as receive, in this season.

Let the kids Read the rest of this entry »

Where should your holiday charity contributions go?

November 9, 2011

090924dickens_oliver_twistOne of the tips often offered for those who want to make their holidays more meaningful and less materialistic is

“Donate to a charity”

as a family activity or as a gift in the name of a relative, friend or neighbor.

But Read the rest of this entry »