Give a child the ultimate gift: Your attention

There's nothing a child wants more than time with youWhich option do you think just about any child on your holiday gift list like:

  • Another plastic toy made in China that they’ll play with for 20 minutes and forget (imagine the earth’s resources…not to mention yours…that brought that “toy” all the way just to bore your beloved child, nephew, granddaughter…)
  • Or an hour and an activity with you that makes a memory they carry for the rest of their lives?

I think we all know the answer. So don’t fall for the blister-packaged injection-molded piece of schlock…and better yet, don’t take the SUV to the mall and waste an hour and $15 on said schlock. Better to figure out something fun to do with that child you love.

It’s all about creating your own traditions… giving a child a memory that will last a lifetime.

Click for some ideas to get you started.

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