You don’t have ordinary friends, so why buy ordinary presents?

Your friends are inventive, imaginative, fun-loving and perhaps even a teeny bit frivolous.

They’re anything but BORING, right?

So why would you go to a chain store and buy them a BORING holiday gift, when you could explore your local consignment, thrift, or resale shops for something as unique as they are. Here’s some examples from across the continent (please bear in mind that these wonderful items are in all likelihood gone to a new owner… but remember too, that resale shops get new merchandise in all the time, so there’s a treasure or three just waiting for you.)

Holiday dressing with flair, resale-style!

For your arty friend. From Village Vogue in CT. Click to go to their live link at

Why buy fake when you can buy real, at resale?

For your girly, but never sweet, sister? This Gucci's from Mosh Posh in Florida

Out of the ordinary is run of the mill in thrift shops!

Remember when he played Dungeons & Dragons nonstop? This beauy's from Treasures of the Heart, the NAM nonprofit thrifts in Texas. Click to get their link.

Boots made for everything... maybe even walking. Get them resale!

Would you dare these for your mom... or your ballet teacher? These were at Threads in MN.

Unusual jewelry? Where else but at a consignment, resale, or thrift shop?

Who gets this? Maybe YOU? From Selective Seconds in Indiana. Click for the link to their shop.

For those with original tastes, it's resale all the way!

Resalers sell things with tags still on them, too... but who cares, with these incredible bags at FiFi's in SC. Click to get the link to their site

Unusual cuts, colors, fabrics and combinations of all of the above, in resale!

No ordinary jacket for your fashionable niece. The one's from Revente in SC.

Hey, you buy cars used, right? You're already a smart resale shopper!

How about an electric car... for your pint-size friend, from Repeat Street in IL. Click for the link to them

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