Easy to do: A gift-unwrapping seat!

christmas stool1Step 1: Find a sturdy stool in a consignment, resale, or thrift shop.

Find a shape and a height you like. Don’t worry about the color. Just make sure it’s sturdy. Buy it and take it home. If you find several, buy ’em all. This is gonna be FUN!

Step 2: Make it your own.

christmasstoolPaint it. Gild it. Decoupage it. Sticker it. Feel like you don’t have enough imagination or talent? Then simply polish it up and apply WallWords and embellishments to it. Recover it in a holiday fabric. Tie silk poinsettias on it. Make it special, make it yours.

Step 3: That was so much fun, make another for a gift!

For those with more imagination and maybe more time, how about a Christmas chair? What a terrific gift for old or young. You could even do a dollhouse or bookshelf-sized version, for friends with minimal storage space.christmas chair

Find a rocker at a thrift shop on HowToConsign.comStep 4: Create a new family tradition.

Use it under the tree as pre-holiday decorating, pile gifts on it in your foyer, then use it when it’s time to unwrap gifts as the “throne of receiving”!

The Santa chair is one of just a bunch of neat craft photos by Suzanne Duda; the child’s rocker is a creation of Pretty Please, a private blog; the ready-to-remake stool is from justbuildstuff.com.
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