Pretty paper & tags that don’t cost the earth.

091002wrapOkay, so you’re not like my husband who wraps gifts in the comics section of the paper.

You want pretty. You want “real” gift tags.

But they cost the earth. Sure, okay, you can get them at the dollar store. But how much gas, oil, water, and toxic fumes did transporting those scraps of paper, which are immediately tossed into a landfill 4000 miles from whence they came, degrade our planet?

Better solution: Print your Own.

I am a great fan of Creature Comforts, for her style and wit, and also her generosity. Here’s an example of her free printables. Browse her blog; there’s more.

Sure, you’re still using ink and paper…but at least the transportation costs, from your computer printer to Santa’s sleigh, are less. And you get to choose how many tags to print.

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