It’s a frame-up, just in time for the holidays

What better holiday gift than that of family?

And, yes, you can buy it at a 091002familyconsignment, resale or thrift shop!

Reframe a treasured family photo (you can scan the original into a digital file to print out or take it to a professional for this service) in a frame than suits the current generation.

When you are looking for just the right frame at a recycled-possessions shop, don’t just go through their empty picture frames…take a look at their framed art work, too. Is the frame worth reclaiming from that ghastly picture? Imagine it filled with Great-Uncle Joe and his dog or Nana Jones on a sea-cruise with her two best buddies.Instant heirlooms from your local resale shop

Gift wrap your family portrait for presentation to your brother, your cousin, or your parents in, what else? A vintage embroidered pillowcase or funky ’50’s tablecloth from your local resale shop.

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