20 Days ’til Christmas, 20 Things to Buy

Okay, time to get serious. Twenty days, and at least twenty more things to buy…

at your favorite consignment, resale, or thrift shop.

Some of these might be gifts, some might make your life a bit easier, and some… well, heck, you need a little gift too, don’t you? You’ve been good!

So head your sleigh in the right direction, bring along a few carrots for the reindeer and a little bit of money, to find:Turn a thrift-store birdhouse into a holiday centerpiece

Entertaining supplies. Punch bowl? Extra wine glasses?

The perfect party outfit. Dancing shoes. Hostess gown. LBD.

The perfect decor items. Vintage, glamourous, or tongue-in-cheek.

Blasts from the past. A Parcheesi game, Rubik’s cube. Great hostess gifts.

Books. Rather than a single best-seller, gift your reading friends with a bundle of 5 great books.

Cold-weather gear for the sleigh ride or ski slope.

Kitchen gear you might only use once. A Bundt pan or trifle bowl.

Warm-weather gear for the resort-bound. Great beach bag? Diaphanous cover-up?

Christmas stockings. From simple to silly ornate, for use or to hang from every eave of your house.

Stocking stuffers. Teeny toys, funky sit-arounds, amusing bibelots.

Party clothes for the kids (red velvet’s adorable, but really, to buy new? Not so much fun.)

Serving pieces. Gravy boat, turkey platter.

Sparkly accessories. Rhinestone chandelier earrings? Cut-velvet evening bag?

A birdhouse. Spray it white and sprinkle with glitter, it’s an instant holiday centerpiece. Imaginative and budget-friendly.

Your wallet will love you almost as much as your friends and family will, for your thoughtfulness and imagination, when you shop resale, shop local, shop earth-friendly.

The birdhouse photo’s from A Stroll thru Life.
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