The best gift you can give: Financial Freedom

National average credit card debt per household is $15,799. (Source: Federal Reserve’s report on consumer credit, July 2011)

Don't be burdened. ReSell, RePlace, ReJoice with resale shops on HowToConsign.comScary? You betcha. That quote’s just part of some eye-opening information. It’s hard to imagine that a family could have, in addition to mortgage, car loan or lease, student loans and all the rest, almost $16,000 debt on plastic.

Imagine the budget-breaking interest they are paying on that loan. Imagine the stress over whether they will keep their jobs so they can keep paying for past purchases. Stress doesn’t make for a very happy holiday.

Think about how enslaved they are.

If it’s you, or a loved one, who’s in debt, consider making a payment to his bank as a Christmas present. That’s a gift that will buy the greatest gift of all: freedom.

That’s not an option? Then give a gift card in any amount BEFORE she or he goes holiday shopping so at least, that debt burden won’t be added onto already-tired shoulders.

Making it a gift card to the local consignment, resale, or thrift shop will make that card go further towards gifts, decorations, and necessities.

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