Spread the news gently, if you’d rather BE than GET

Want to break the cycle of meaningless material giftsShe didn't need that silly statuette for her desk. She needed some FUN, so that's what you gave her!

and actually have fun doing something, even if it’s just a walk in the snow together, with your family and friends this Christmas? If you have gatherings planned for Thanksgiving, you could bring up the subject then.  But there is another, gentle way to say

“let’s not buy meaningless stuff for each other this year.”

How about: “Instead of STUFF, let’s do something together, such as…” or “I’d like to give you, this year, an experience (fill in the blank) and I’d love it if you gave me the chance to try/ see/ do something that will expand my horizons.” One year my sister said to me: “Which would you rather have, a fancy pan or high tea at the Ritz?” Guess which I chose!

How do you tell friends and family? Comment…

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