What to wear when eating turkey.

A turkey dress needs to be:

  • Camouflage if you’re doing the roasting
  • Easy-in-the-waist if you’re doing the eating
  • Flattering if you’re going to his parents’ house
  • Awe-inspiring if you’re dining out

Let’s see what we can see at our favorite gently-used shops:

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Camouflaging for the cook:

It's hot in the kitchen, even if you aren't in Florida, like Fashion Safari is. Bare shoulders go a long way in keeping a hostess cool, and the autumn-tone print can hide that gravy stain until guests depart.


Start off with the belt, remove it for seconds. Plus, the print scarf hides a full tummy as needed. This dress was featured at Here We Go Again in Portland OR


This Etro blouse is available on refinestyle.com

By Etro, this autumn-toned blouse will endear you to your (maybe?) future mother-in-law. Available from Clothes Circuit, Dallas, through reFINEstyle.com


If the heaviest work you'll do on Thanksgiving is lifting a champagne glass, this dress from Vintage Vogue's online shop is perfect.

If you find the right outfit for Thanksgiving Day at a consignment, resale, or thrift shop, consider donating the amount of money you saved to your local food pantry, and truly

show your thanks for the health, wealth and love surrounding your feast.



  1. 1
    David Says:

    Uh, and for the men?

    • 2
      Kate, gently-used good elf Says:

      Excellent question, David! Do you sell menswear or just wear it 🙂 ? Perhaps one of the shops that carries menswear would like to chime in here?

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